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Sangha Sound Session

singingbowlsBowls of Sound

Sangha Night

Tuesday 3rd April

Instruments have been a part of ritual and meditation for thousands of years.  Together we can meet and join the unique rhythm of our hearts with that of the singing bowl and delve into the art of bringing sound into our meditation practice. Join us for this special night, inspired by our previous theme and offered to us by Tracy and Max in our sangha; please bring any singing bowls you may have.

Sangha Night starts promptly at 6.45pm at 96 Halifax St in the city and finishes by 9pm. See you there, all welcome.

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Going Deeper – in meditation and in life

Thursday evenings, 6.45pm – 9pm
19th April – 31st May
This is a seven week course being offered by Dharmamodini to people in the Triratna community who have an established meditation practice, (meditating at least three times a week and sitting for a minimum 30 minutes each time). Participants will together create the flow of this course, as we share the art of meditation unfolding in our lives.

We will learn from sharing our experiences of meditation on the cushion or on the chair, and thereby enhance our learning of how to deepen our experience of living this life in more meaningful ways. Our primary teacher will be Sangharakshita, by using his source book of teachings The Purpose and Practice of Buddhist Meditation.

Contact Dharmamodini 0439 839 785 to discuss your participation in this course; course dana $100.

In the crucible of meditation, bring forth day by day the compassion, wisdom, skill and courage for which the world longs. (Shambhala Warrior’s Mind Training)

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Maha India – Great India!

Maha India – Great India!

You are invited to this special event on Sunday 29th April, 3pm – 6/7pm, 96 Halifax St

For all of February and a little bit of March this year, Claudia and Keryn joined 12 mitras from the United Kingdom on a pilgrimage, led by Indian Order members, through north-east India. Here they visited the great sites of the Buddha’s life: Lumbini; Kapilavastu; Bodhgaya; Sarnath; Sravasti; Vaishali; Nalanda; Rajgir; and Kushinagar.  In the early centuries after the death of the Buddha, monasteries were built at many of these sites along with temples and stupas. Since Moghul times, these monasteries have become fascinating archaeological sites, and many of the great temples and stupas have been repaired or rebuilt. All are today, vibrant places where Buddhist practice is deeply expressed in devotion and prayer.

Claudia and Keryn are offering you a unique visual tour of their Buddhist pilgrimage. Come and see the Mahadevi Temple; the MahaBodhi Temple; the Mahaparinirvana Temple and other great places. Come and see the ruins of once grand monasteries and stupas, as well as the Buddhist University of Nalanda. Come and hear their story of a Buddhist pilgrimage through the Ganges Valley, the valley that was so familiar to the Buddha himself.

Dharmamodini was on a parallel pilgrimage with other ordained members in the Triratna Order. She will also be offering some images and commentary during this event.

  • Dana can be offered on entry

  • Various items purchased by Claudia and Keryn on their journey, will be available on the day, in exchange for dana

  • Please bring a small plate of vegan food to share at the end of the presentation. Feel free to make this Indian-inspired

  • Friends and family, neighbours and acquaintances all welcome

All proceeds will be offered to the Bahujan Hitay (for the welfare of the many) Pune Project – Empowering Women for Sustainable Development (www.bhpuneproject.org.in).

Image for Maha India promo

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