On Sangha Night next Tuesday 30th August, we will be taking our next steps beyond becoming incorporated and inviting people to share in creating a collective endeavour to move us more and more in the direction of a true sangha in the making.

Following our meditation, the second part of the evening will start with a pithy half hour talk by an Order member at the San Fransisco Buddhist Centre, about the individual, the group and the spiritual community. This will serve to remind us what we have been exploring over the winter about the true nature of sangha and the individual. It will also lay the foundation for Rich and Tash to share a vision for Adelaide Triratna growing into the future and invite each one of us to reflect on what we may be able to offer to the development of our sangha.

Bring along, in hard copy, your favourite photos of Adelaide Triratna events and activities from the past three years. We will rejoice together at the end of the evening with our Three-Fold Puja, as a celebration of sangha and Bhante Sangharakshita, the founder of our movement and Order, whose 91st birthday is 26th August.


A new course being offered in September and October

This is Maitreyabandhu’s latest book (the author of Life with Full Attention). This course takes us on a journey of practical week-by-week exercises, focusing on cultivating mindful awareness, knowing ourselves, being happy, integrating and simplifying our lives and truly being ourselves.

This book is for anyone who wants their life to be a journey, an eight week course in Enlightenment, that will take a lifetime to complete.

Maitreyabandhu shares with us the motivation for writing this book “I wanted to try and show in a practical way how we can gain Enlightenment, what it really means to be a Buddhist, how we can make the most of this being human.”

Thursdays, 7pm-9.30pm 
8th September – 27th October

96 Halifax St in the city

Cost for the eight weeks

including your personal copy of the book


Bookings are essential, limited places available

Contact Dharmamodini via reply email or 0439 839 785

Image.jpegThis will be our focus for Sangha Night next week on Tuesday 23rd August.

Jo has kindly offered to share with us some of her experiences of the past five months, living in community at Naganaga, (our women’s vihara inland from Kempsey, NSW) and visiting other Triratna practitioners and sanghas around Australia, in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Come along and hear inspiring stories from interstate of how sangha works across the country and the globe.

Everyone is welcome, with the usual start time of 6.45pm, for both the Drop-In meditation and the regular gathering.


“Imagine a world without colour, beauty, poetry, myth, celebration, or ritual.  Such a world would be a very dull, drab, dead world indeed. Such experiences are essential to human life; they cultivate our emotions, refine our senses, and enrich our imaginations.” (quoted from the Introduction to our Puja book, written by Dhammadinna)

Inspired by last week’s True Individual retreat, next Tuesday 16th we will celebrate the full moon with a ‘compilation’ puja full of colour and poetry, so come along and join us for this joyous occasion, starting promptly at 6.45pm.
Please note we will start with the puja, to be followed by a period of meditation, with delicious vegan refreshments as our closure to the evening.
There will be no Drop-In meditation on this night.

“Thirty Days of Silence” – This is the title of a talk Dharmamodini will give next Tuesday 2nd August at Sangha Night, sharing some of her experiences from her recent month’s solitary retreat on Kangaroo Island.

On 9th August, participants in The True Individual retreat will share with others what unfolded over the four days, and how they experienced different approaches to going deeper in our understanding of the Dharma and spiritual journeying.

The 16th August will be the date we share in a full moon puja to rejoice in the Buddha’s Awakening and keep alive the freshness and newness of our experience. To quote Sangharakshita “Everything you do is done for the first time, because both you and the situation are different. Everything is happening for the first time.”

The mystery of the second half of August will reveal itself in due course!

Everyone is welcome to join us at 96 Halifax St on Tuesday nights, commencing at 6.45pm, concluding 9.15pm. There is a Drop-In meditation available for anyone wanting instruction in meditation, no experience necessary; this also starts at 6.45pm; please arrive by 6.40pm.

VJL cldr'11.jpgThis is the title of a talk we will listen to at Sangha Night next Tuesday, 26th July. It is a culmination of the theme we have been exploring What is the Sangha? and a lead-in to our August retreat focusing on the True Individual. The talk is by Vajradarshini and looks at the radical nature of Sangharakshita’s teaching, with his emphasis on the centrality of Going For Refuge and the Middle Way.

The evening starts with meditation at 6.45pm, (there are two different sessions happening at this same time, one with instruction and one without), and will conclude by 9.15pm.

Everyone welcome.

Dharma Day


Tuesday 19th July
6.45pm at 96 Halifax St

Adelaide Triratna will celebrate this auspicious occasion in the Buddhist calendar at our Sangha Night next week with meditation and a Sevenfold Puja. Around the full moon in July we gather to rejoice in the gift of the Buddha’s teaching. We bring to mind the historical meeting in the deer park at Sarnath, between the Buddha and his former disciples, when he shared with them his experiences of Awakening and showed them the way to Enlightenment.

Join us for this memorable evening, everyone is welcome.

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