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The Five Spiritual Faculties are the theme for Sangha Nights when we gather once more at 96 Halifax St from 12th January.

Sangharakshita, the founder of Triratna, encourages us to approach Buddhism as a whole, that is in a balanced manner and with the whole of our being. As he has said ‘There are many sides to human nature, emotional, intellectual, introvert, extravert and so on and these are represented in Buddhism by the five spiritual faculties. These are faith, energy, mindfulness, meditation and wisdom and these need to be balanced if we are to make progress in the spiritual life.

Join us on Tuesday nights from 6.45pm for meditation and stay on for a cuppa and the introduction to this theme and small group discussion. We conclude the evening by 9.15pm. All welcome.

Please Note: There is no Drop-In meditation in the month of January; this will resume on Tuesday 2nd February.

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Monday nights, 7pm – 9.15pm
1st February – 21st March
96 Halifax St, Adelaide

unnamedThis practical course in Mindfulness will be our first course in the new year. The focus this course is how to put mindfulness into practice in the actual conditions of our day-to-day life, in such a way that it makes a difference to how you experience daily living.

The course teaches you how to pay closer attention to your experience, by introducing and exploring different aspects of mindfulness, including awareness of the body, feelings, thoughts and the environment.

Life with Full Attention provides both a starting point for anyone new to the practice of mindfulness, as well as a valuable refresher for those with some prior experience.

Cost of $200 for the eight weeks includes your own copy of the book.

Booking is essential and places are limited.

Contact Dharmamodini 0439 839 785 with any queries or to reserve a place.

“The course provided some useful and practical techniques for dealing with anxiety, expectations and judgements; and practical ways to work with overcoming negativity and generating positive states of mind.”

 ”Maitreyabandhu’s book is humbly honest, poignant and practical – it has inspired and motivated me to learn more.”

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The Heart’s Release: Embracing the brahma-viharas


The four brahma-viharas, or sublime abodes, are metta, karuna, mudita and upeksa, that is, loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity. Together with sraddha, faith, these words convey the key positive emotions in the Buddhist tradition and their development is crucial to the unfolding of a balanced spiritual life.

Join us on this seven day residential retreat to go deeper in your meditation practice and discover the beauty that lies within, the beauty that transforms self and world.

As usual, the retreat will start with dinner on the Sunday evening (arrival time from 4pm), and conclude after lunch the following Sunday, (around 3pm).

Our location is Glenbarr, on the outskirts of Strathalbyn in the Adelaide Hills, one hour’s drive from the city.
Contact Dharmamodini now (0439 839 785) if you are considering coming along and to book a place.
Donation to cover costs $350

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